Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Crow Chair

This is a chair that I mocked up for the last assessment period. The chair is designed as a tribute to crows through their natural history. There are several elements within the design.
1-Some of the crows are blue to signify the way that crows treat mutant crows. Crows with different colourings can be exiled or given special attention.
2- There is a cache in the chair as crows hide food and treasures in caches.
3-There are two embroidered ants on the chair as crows bath in ants but there reason for this is not known.
4- On the back is a gravestone patterned design. Crows rarely gather together except where there is carrion or at graveyards.
5-There will be black and white piping on the chair. This is representative of a pedestrian crossing. Crows have been known to drop nuts at crossings and wait for the light to swoop down and collect the nuts in safety that the passing vehicles have crushed.

Screen print

These are some butterflies that I have been printing to experiment with size of the image. They are approximately 3 1/2 feet across.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly with Gold Detail

Tortoiseshell Buttefly with Black Details

Blue Tortoiseshell with Silver Detail