Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Monarch Wallpaper HUGE!

This is the mock up for my monarch butterfly wallpaper. Check out the picture below with the lovely Holly stepping in as a scale. It is very imposing wallaper. Need to adjust the positions slightly before the next print. Also the top burnt having such a large piece in the baker so have to be more conscious of that.

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Manda Ward said...

wow - that's bloody fantastic - you're right about tweaking the layout a litle, it's not quite sitting comfortably on the eye at the moment and I'm wanting to see some curly tongue action in there too, I think to offset the blockiness of each - unless that's what your going for, in which case Great! - there's so much you could do to it to make a set of variations - you could fade the colour as they go higher up the wall, or across the wall or down the wall, or have them emerging from their chrysalises, (chrysales, chrisali, chrysalisies, bugger I don't know what the plural of chrysalis is) and emerging up the wall (does it have to be a repeated image or can each repeat be slightly different)?

I could go on - and on and on and on - so to sum up - WELL DONE YOU! It's going to look fantastic.